25 Funniest Harry Potter OMG Moments

Harry Potter is an all-time favourite of fans of all age. It is a special treat for all people who love the wizarding world. If you love magic and if you are in the mood for some wizarding, use of wands and wearing robes, check out 25 funniest Harry Potter OMG moments. See what HP stars are doing offset as well.

The random Harry Potter cast from set to normal life is casting a nostalgic spell on you. So you must grab your wizardly broom for a spell ride. Scroll down to see what Swishtoday brought to you to revive HP craze. These will give you tummy tickle, for sure! Enjoy.

#2 “Mom, I thought you were taking me to see Harry Potter…”

#4 My daughter has read all seven Harry Potter books ten times

#8 Emma enjoying herself with an adult beverage since she’s grown into a young woman

#14 Dan getting his first chance to show off something that Harry Potter never got the chance to

#25 Bonnie Wright, aka Ginny Weasley, in full county jail attire along with co-star Patrick Davis

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