Nancy Pelosi Becomes A Meme with Post Oval Meeting Sunglasses Moment

Nancy Pelosi is an American politician she represents California’s 12th congressional district. Nancy Pelosi went head-to-head with the president Donald Trump over the issue of a border wall and possible government shutdown. She came, she saw, she conquered, she strutted out of that White House like she owned the place She had a meeting with the president. All that fire made Pelosi’s exit all the chatter on Twitter. Not only her big moods. A few weeks ago, the fashionable argument was that Pelosi shouldn’t be in meetings representing democrats at all. She was a dinosaur. But with a few savvy moves, Pelosi this week managed to escape the brittle society lady stereotype she had been forced into, and let herself be recast as a feisty grandma. But by leaning into the archetype, Pelosi was conveying a carefully crafted message: Everyone else around her might need pull-ups. She was old and experienced, and by God, she was feisty enough to take them all on. Enjoy her best moves which are on fire this season.

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