Heart Warming Story Of A Homeless Disease-ridden Cat Will Dazzle You

Imagining a cat in a most unbearable condition will reck your heart. Carmen Weinberg, founder of Animal Friends Project Inc. found a cat, who she later named ‘Cotton’, all by himself wondering on the streets of Florida with mites that were eating his entire body alive. This disease-ridden poor animal was close to death as he couldn’t see to find food for himself. Carmen is just an angel who instantly took him under her care.

#2 His eyes were scabbed over with mange and he was being eaten alive by mites

#3 Finding food without the use of his eyes was next to impossible

#4 Cotton had a severe case of mange and was very dehydrated, anemic and very skinny

#5 Cotton was picked up on Sept. 13 and taken directly to the vet

#7 Cotton got Ivermectin, fluids, an antibiotic and ointment for his eyes

#11 Vet instructed to give him small meals, various times a day

#13 It is incredible how much Cotton has improved after an initial dose of Ivermectin, coconut oil over crusty stuff and a bath with medicated shampoo

#14 After constant care something amazing happened, he opened his eyes and finally he could see

#15 Not only were Cotton’s eyes healed, but they were also stunning

#19 After three full months in recovery, 6-year-old Cotton was like a new cat

#20 “He is so beautiful and just the perfect companion for our family,” Morales said.

#21 He had a newfound energy to finally see the world around

#22 Cotton was so happy to become a permanent member of the family

#23 After such a long suffering he’s living such a pampered life now

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