Act Of True Kindness Will Make You Believe In Humanity Again

Penetrating photographs that will awake humanity in you are collected by Swishtoday team and shared with you so you can see people are kind and have a special place for people in need. That’s what the world needs right now, an act of kindness can change a lot… a lot more than expected.

#3 Young Hairstylist On The Street Of NY Gives Haircuts To The Homeless

#5 Paramedics Shoveling An Old Man’s Driveway Who Got An Hear Attack While Clearing Snow From His driveway

#7 Superman Outside Sick Children Ward Window Just To Cheer Up Patients

#8 Proving Men Are Gentle At Heart, He Gave His Shoes To Her Because Wearing High Heals Gave Her Foot ache

#10 Once Jake Was Trapped In A House Fire Now He’s Helping People Fighting For Life In Fire

#11 A Way Of Thanking To The Country For Saving Him And His Family

#12 This Gentleman Plays Soothing Tunes For Patients Recovering From Cancer

#13 This Boy Ha A Mobile Laundry System For People Can’t Afford Launderette

#15 Jacqueline Kiplimo Helps A Disabled Runner Finish A Marathon In Taiwan

#16 Two Kids Trying To Save A Street Dog During The Monsoons

#18 Officer Saved This Guy From Commuting Suicide, After 8 Years Same Guy Gives the Officer An Award At The American Foundation Of Suicide

#20 Students Supporting Their Classmate After His Mother Lost Her Battle With Cancer

#22 James Harrison Saved Millions Of Babies By Donating Blood That Had Rare Antibody In His Blood That Helps Protect Babies From Rhesus Disease For Over 60 Years, Making His Last Donation!

25+ What The Perfect Photobomb Looks Like

30+ Gotta Lock Up These Girls For Insanely Hilarious Cheerleader Fails