25 Epic Photos Of Project "100 Faces 100 Countries" (Episode 1)

Thousands of people from different cultures transit through airports to travel from one place to another. Obviously, they have contrasting features, particular hairstyles, distinctive outfits, various skin tones, and even their body language is different too. A photographer Mustafa Cankaya from Istanbul who works at Ataturk Airport has got inspired by this cultural deviation. From the transit section of the airport, he starts taking photos of such people who have to be unique in different ways. Being a passionate photographer this could be a gem for him. He captured 100 contrasting people from different countries and name this project “100 Faces 100 Countries”. This series of portraits is listed for you by Swishtoday. It is a huge treat for those who have wanderlust and thirst of meeting different traditions personalities. See the list below and enjoy. You can also follow him on Instagram.

#6 Jonnel Is A Seaman From Philipines He Has Spent 10 Months And 20 Days Over The Sea

#8 Bash The Percussionist Arrived From Festivals In Navada And Heading Towards Cairo

#12 Deigo Is A Motorcycle Stunt Rider From Mexico. In His Show He Rides Inside A Mesh Sphere Ball

#13 Sara Is From Iran Studying Dentistry And Design From Moscow

#14 Barkinado Bocoum From Senegal Is A Painter, He Has An Upcoming Exhibition At France ?? La Motte-Servolex

#15 He Is Wearing His Own Design Shirt ,Fredric From France Is A Teacher In Nigeria

#17 Ed Has Both British ?? & Kenya ?? Nationality, Waiting For His Flight To Nairobi Country

#20 Surprisingly Janne Is Not a Musician, He Is A Pro Golf Player

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