20 Interesting Facts About Melania Trump

We at Swishtoday collected interesting facts about Melania Trump. The first lady,s life has twisted turns. Being the wife of US president Her birthplace was not America. Also, she can speak up to more than five languages. This is interesting.

20 amazingly interesting facts are listed below for our readers. Just start scrolling to see the pictures. These facts will acknowledge your more about Melania. Keep reading!

#1 Before Her The Most Unpopular First Lady Was Hillary Clinton

#4 She Was Ambassador In The US Branch Red Cross From 2005 To 2009

#5 She enrolled in Ljubljana University But Did Not Graduate

#6 In January 2000, Her Photo Was On The Cover Of The British GQ

#10 The First Lady In The History Of US Wife’s President Who Was Shot Nude

#11 She Moved To Milan Where She Started Her Modeling Career

#12 She Has A Business Of Her Own Jewelry Brand Name Melania Timepieces & Jewelry

#15 Trump risks becoming the most unpopular among the spouses of US presidents in the entire history Of The Country

#16 Such Data Received The Washington Post As A Result Of The Survey

#17 She Plans To Take Up The Protection Of The Rights Of Women And Children

#18 She Said This During Her Husband’s Election Campaign In The State Of Pennsylvania

#19 She Want To Work For The Protection Of Children And Adolescents Who Suffer From Peer Attacks In Social Networks

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