20 Genius Life Hacks You Literally Never Thought Of

Time to make things a little bit easier. Some people prefer doing things the difficult way. But honestly, to avoid little life bickerings there are much easier tricks that will make you feel more relaxed. So why not take an alternative way? These life hacks are meant to facilitate your life so you can perform your daily activities in a more efficient way. The Internet is full of creative hacks. Today Swishtoday has compiled some real time-saving photos of hacks that will save you from hard efforts. So dear readers grab these ideas because time is something you never get back.

#1 Use Lipstick And Tape To See Where Your Strike Plate Need To Be Moved To Get The Door Close

#4 Carry Lotion/Makeup In A contact Lense Case, Best For Travelers

#11 To Find Some Hidden Thing In Vacumm Cleaner Use A Stoking

#19 Use Painter Tape Before Hanging Pictures To Protect Wall

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