15+ Useful Makeup Hacks You Really Want To Know

What tricks for perfect makeup do you use? Be a best and perfect pro with these easy make tricks. Swishtoday has brought simple ideas to enhance your beauty looks. Scroll down and use them in your daily makeup routine.

#10 Mix A Little Translucid Powder Into Your Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer For A Thicker, Creamier, More Matte Finish. Perfect For Ladies With Oily Skin.

#11 This Way You Can Make Your Lipstick Last Longer

The trick used by many makeup artists is too good to do especially if you have to wear makeup for long hours. Simply apply the first layer of lipstick, let it rest for a bit then put a napkin to remove excess lipstick. Now apply a layer of powder and in the end last coat of lipstick. You are ready for the party!

#12 Get A Soft Dewy Look By Applying Moisturizer On Your Face With A Drop Of An Illuminator

#14 Instead Of An Eyelash Curler Use A Hair Dryer On Low For A Couple Seconds And Lashes Curl Right Up. It’s Simple And Fast.

#15 To Avoid An Oily Nose Use An Eyeshadow Primer

Using eyeshadow primer on your nose will help your nose stay matt all day, spray some setting spray and stipple the foundation on. You Got The Look Girl!

#16 Use Your Mascara Brushes Again Simply Wash With Warm Water And Use Mascara Brushes Of Various Shapes For A Marvelous Look

#17 Merger Of BB Cream With A Highlighter For A Wao Look

Mixing your BB cream with a drop of your favourite highlighter and applying it on the face will make your face look fresh, smooth and shiny. This way you can definitely avoid your skin to look overloaded with makeup and dozens of layers. A brilliant hack for summer time when your skin needs more protection from the sun than makeup.

#18 Use Vaseline To Keep Your Skin Moisturized This Season!

A good remedy for dry skin, when your makeup remover run out use vaseline to remove makeup especially around eye skin. Apply some vaseline on your skin, massage it and remove the makeup with a cotton pad.

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