10 Squishy Toothpaste Hacks Will Make Your Life Easy

A squishy toothpaste is a basic need found in every house. But don’t take this small tube as a daily tooth cleaning tool only. It is a magical item used for countless functions. A simple white toothpaste can give solutions to many of your little routine life problems.

Swishtoday has found some of the best and amazing toothpaste hacks to drag you through your daily life hassles. These hacks will do wonders in your daily life chores. But only you can try clear white toothpaste, not the gel one we use.

#4 Add little Amount On Cotton Ball And Dab It On Cutlery And Wipe Off

#6 With Cotton Ball Rub Toothpaste On Stains And Wash It With Clean Water

#8 Your Mirror Will Look Crystal Clear Again After Cleaning It With Toothpaste

#9 Clean Edges Of The Fridge By Applying Toothpaste With Toothbrush

#10 Dab Some Toothpaste On Acne Over Night In The Morning It Will Disappear

#11 You Can Clear Car Head LIGHTS with Some Toothpaste And Water

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