What Could Happen If Monalisa Existed In 2019?

Have you ever experience the half-length portrait Monalisa crazy about selfies or using wacky photo filters before?. I am pretty much sure that you never noticed such silly attempts earlier. Monalisa “The best known ” and the most exaggerated work of art in the world is an oil painting by Italian painter Leonardo da Vinci. At least a dozen excellent replicas of this painting exist, but being the most parodied picture of all times we always find different new shades of this most visited painting on social media. She was the wife of Francesco del Giocondo. If she exists in 2019, she would be a great selfie lover. Look at these funny photos listed by Swishtoday for her best-filtered face and cool selfie moods. Scroll down to this list of images and share with your friends.

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