Ugly Christmas Jumpers That Pushed All Boundaries Of Despicable

Like every year, ugliest Christmas jumper day is celebrated on 16th of December. Many participate in this fun game to wear the worst designed Christmas jumper ever, either at a get-together, office party, a bar or at a friend’s house. People take it as a tradition at some point and don’t miss a chance to show how awful the fun can be. And this contest is definitely a great one to compete in against your friends, and society in general. There’s always a winner too, not for the best one, but for the most terrible, someone who’s pushed all the boundaries of ugliness and despicable to its limits. Swishtoday is saluting people in the list below who broke all barriers to proving thier champion spirit of ugliness.

#1 This Insane Macho Was Caught Today In A Cafe Displaying Proudly His Cool Looks

#2 Like Every Year My Fellas Joined Me To Show How Cool They Are

#10 People Learn With Time But In This Case It’s Getting Worse

#19 Even Shelter Home Doesn’t Let Me In! Don’t Know Why?

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