The Struggle Is Real And Only Girls Can Understand

These super hilarious comics are depicting the issues that can be well understood by girls only. From tying up hair, high waisted pants, losing common things at the gym, before and after dinner feelings, nail dos or simply food cravings are just feminine issues and honestly speaking they can handle everything so well by themselves. All pretty ladies deserve a round of applause for being strong and independent individuals in today’s world. 

Swishtoday brings up funny comics and memes created by Casey Ho on life’s problems that girls face every day. Her comics on fitness struggle are loved by millions and were posted here previously. Take a look at fun stuff and yea, don’t forget to share with friends!

#9 Instagram filters – they’re the “accepted” way to mask your imperfections!

#11 REAL TALK. I am REALLY trying to understand the people who get offended by comics!

#14 Me versus free appetizer chips. I have ZERO self control!

#18 I look kinda founding father-ish every time I try a low pony. You?

#23 Always trying to be healthy. But always eating my boy friend’s food!

#24 Can’t figure out how to do an effortless messy bun without looking like an actual mess

#25 Literally in every Uber ride I have to be like “Can you please turn off the AC??”

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