25+ Of Why I Do Not Want To Travel On Planes Anymore

Economy class has always been challenging during the flight. All tight security measures after 9/11 that economy class need to go through is a nightmare. And then you get to sit with a guy who’s smelly shoes are open in the plane to dry out the sweat he got in the ques. The following list of inconsiderate passengers certainly is frightening! 

Which one of these do you find the most annoying? Let’s find out!

#10 On My Way Back Home This Bird Accompanied Me In The Flight

#14 This Laundry Section Caught My Attention Deeply During The Flight

#17 He’s Probably Practicing How To Give Birth At The Plane

#19 I Know You’re Watching Blazing Saddle But How About My Space?

#22 And Then This Guy Playing His Super Annoying Video Game At Full Volume The Whole 7 Hour Flight

#23 This Couple Just Broke Up And The Whole Drama Heard By Entire Flight

#27 Please Don’t Spread Fungal Infection To Others So Put Your Socks On!

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