Mom Shares How Struggling Post Pregnancy Stages Feel Like And Its Hilarious

Mom unleashed the truth of postpregnancy struggle every parent have to face. Her way of expressing the reality is quite honest as well as funny. Social media is bombing with the fake side of parenthood, giving a picture of fairy tales, perfect, happier and hurdle free parenthood. Maya Vorderstrasse got tired of postpregnancy’s flawless and effortless fancy outlook that social media depicts. She embraced her chaotic life and decided to share how postpregnancy feels like on her  Instagram page just as previously she shared how pregnancy feels like to the world in an honest and hilarious way.

Swishtoday made a collection of funniest postpregnancy struggling life that parents go through.

#3 I’m Like Go Away. No, Stay! Hug Me. No, Don’t Touch Me! Ugh!!!!!

#5 Bathroom Deprivation: When I Need To Pee They Always Follow Me

#9 And That’s How I Learned To Never Ever Judge Another Mom!!

#11 And Make Sure To Bring Wipes. What’s The Worst Thing You’ve Caught Your Children Doing In Silence??

#13 Taking Down Preconceived Notions One Letter Board At A Time!

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