If You Think You Are Having A Bad Day Then Definitely These Pictures Will Relieve Stress

How does the worst day feel like? This lot of pictures will definitely awaken you from daydreaming. Scroll down and see yourself!

#1 Today This Happened To My Colleague While Counting Notes At The Machine

#2 Walked Around All Day With A Thong Hanging Out Of My Hood. The Worst Part Is This Wasn’t The First Time

#4 Went Without Underwear Today At Work, Noticed Several People Across The Room Leave Upset During Our Morning Meeting. Now I Know Why

#5 Picking This Pack Up Was A Serious Issue When I Could Not Bend

#7 Friend Went Ice Fishing And Tried To Take A Pic Of The Ice Hole. Oops

#8 Was Given Locker 68, Guess What I don’t Have Locker This Term

#26 Boyfriend Bought 8 Lbs Of Jellly Bellies. Then The Bag Broke. This Was The Result. Oops

#31 Here Is Our Daughter’s First Flight In Europe. “And We’ll Be Able To See Paris As We Fly Over It!”

#32 When You Get To Work At 5:30 Am And Someone Has Thrown Your Breakfast Away

#35 Yesterday I Spilled Water Into My Coin Tray. Today I Go To Feed The Meter

#40 Cat Puked On The Dog. Dog Proceeded To Wag His Tail Flinging It Everywhere

#47 I Made A Poor Decision About My Skin And The Effect Of Prolonged Sun Exposure

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