How An Adult Can Ruin A Child's Coloring Book With Added Adult Sense Of Humor Leaving The Book Fully Corrupted

Children books are always designed with happy themes or maximum they contain lessons to learn how life works in the real world for the overall calculated impact on children grown. When it comes to picking book Kids have basically two categories one is fiction and another one is non-fiction. A child’s brain imagines thousands of possibilities while learning about their favourite no-fictional character and if that character gets corrupted by adults it ruins the entire picture drawn in the head. Some adults got an extremely brutal sense of humour. A blog called Coloring Book Corruptions maintain the collection done on children’s colouring books done by darkly humorous adults. Most of the work has been done with crayon and coloured pencils the way it is done by kids in a real colouring book. Each character drawn in it has the fun factor, though seeing cute childhood characters in situations like that could be a bit upsetting. Source: | Facebook | Twitter (via: laughingsquid)

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