Hit Movie Posters With Unbelievably Absurd Photoshop Fails

Have you ever noticed mistakes made by Photoshop specialists on movie posters? Here is a list by Swishtoday of hit movie posters with unbelievably absurd photoshop fails. These will leave you baffled that how these photoshop fails were unnoticed at the final stage?

#1 Three Hundred (300)

King Leonidas wants to fight with a spear in his hand but unfortunately, it's been replaced by the sword using Photoshop which is done so badly that the difference can be seen quite easily.

#2 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I

How magically Harry's head is inside the subway and at the same time outside the door too. Seems to be breaking the law of Physics. Harry, that's totally Hogwarts spell and not close to real life, at all.

#3 Gulliver’s Travels

Jack Black is probably extremely surprised due to loss of all teeth he had, poor guy. This kind of photoshop fail never been seen when the mouth is hollow and have nothing inside at all.

#4 Beauty And The Beast

The photoshop error is pretty much visible comparing both roses in the poster. Making us think the guy responsible for this job was more concerned about the actress getting hurt.

#5 Solace

To match the size with Hopkin's, Colin's head has been so stretched that the head proportions are completely ruined leaving forehead more like Megamind.

#6 Watchmen

Even master of contradictions (Hero) was stunned to see an illogical thing in the movie poster. Check carefully, you would need to push the trigger mechanism to get the light from a flamethrower. Leaving us dazzled too for this kind of thing wouldn't happen in the magical world of Hogwarts.

#7 Going the Distance

Drew Barrymore is hugging her co-star, they both look so adorable but wait a sec, did you notice something weird about Berrymore's hand position on Actor's shoulder? Its either she has extra flexibility that allows her to twist her bones unnaturally or the guy photoshopping the scene completely forgot about it in final touches.

#8 The Accidental Husband

The relaxed smile on both men's faces and the gap between them in the movie poster tell you a lot that how much they care about catching thier bride who they both love like crazy. Poor Emma is about to hit the floor but the Photoshop guy making this happen is responsible for this huge fail.

#9 Terminator Genisys

Sarah Connor is carrying a skull of Terminator that has real human teeth. Seriously?? A terminator who's not even a RoboCop.

#10 Ready Player One

Legs in this poster of the main character of Ready Player One are no less than 6 ft long. Such long legs are not a miracle but the manipulation of Photoshop.

#11 Logan

11 Year-old mutant Lora holding hand of Wolverine's big hand. Leave us in questions like, why the hand of young actress is so small as compared to Wolverine? and How come a child's hand has this long fingers?

#12 Over Her Dead Body

'Over Her Dead Body' played by Eva Longoria seems to be the last minute disaster. The body seems to be replaced by someone with anatomy issues or the photoshopping was at the extreme level of disappointment that left both legs with different sizes as well as of the entire body weight on which she's actually resting on.

#13 The Dark Knight

How come Batman is going to stop the crime when he sees at the window frame instead of seeing the city. So the crime rate is higher than usual now. Alas!

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