Funny Comics Show How Incompetent Dumbledore Was

It is a true challenge for the Potterheads to digest the fact that Dumbledore, the greatest wizard and headmaster of Hogwarts ever known, made huge questionable choices including the one involving the assignment of teachers at the school. Hiring inexperienced teachers and making childish decisions were the reasons why Dumbledore made himself notorious for.

A most inspiring German artist made funniest comics on Dumbledore that reveal how irresponsibly Dumbledore acted in the Harry Potter series. Her work is loved by a large number of Harry Potter fandom. So Swishtoday decided to show you the most hilarious comics to make an addition to your Harry Potter collection. Scroll down and take a look!

#1 Poor Snape, He Tries To Stay Sirius When Dumbledore Gave Away Points To Gryffindor Quite Easily

#4 Dumbledore Makes Children See The Ugly And Boring Lake For An Hour

#6 Dumbledore Recklessly Drops Harry And Gives Him A Scar For Rest Of His Life

#7 Dumbledore’s Decision To Make Gilderoy Lockhart A Teacher At Hogwarts

#8 Dumbledore’s Excuse Not To Do Anything About Snape Bullying Students

#12 Dumbledore Do Nothing To Stop Hate Between Remus And Snape

#14 Dumbledore’s Explanation About The Death Of Harry’s Parents In A Letter


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