20+ Funniest, Awkward Or Most Embarrassing Wedding Fails

Weddings are meant for two people to relate themselves with one another and create a tremendous memory for life. Having a perfect wedding done the motivated brides spend months and a lot of preparation to get small fortunes to plan and execute the perfect experience. Sometimes, however, good planning just isn’t good enough. No matter how carefully an event is planned, the unexpected can still happen. But that doesn’t have to ruin the big day! Couples in the above pictures are proof that humour can lighten the burden of even the most awkward wedding fails.

#8 Guy With A Tank filled With Wine.OHHH There’s A Newly Wed Couple As Well

#12 She Should Have Concidered The Right Cup Size For Her Dress

#13 An Awful Alien Look Before And After Ladies Got Drunk On A Wedding

#21 Who Said You Can’t Sleep On Your Own Wedding Like This Couple Nearly Asleep

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