30+ Hilarious Married Shopping Fails

Married life is a roller coaster ride, at times this ride costs a little more than expected. Married or committed men from all over the world are amazing in proving themselves either they are at home or out for shopping with their partners and spouse. The funniest list of married shopping fails has been compiled by Swishtoday, showing what men do when their wives take too much time in shopping malls. The collection is pretty much hilarious. Now scroll down and see yourself how shopping with wives can be boring for men.

#3 She Can’t Pick A Top For Her Herself And Now Asking For My Opinion After Wasting An Hour On It

#5 Np Not Interested.. Whatever The Poss Is, Not Interested At All!

#6 My Husband’s Favorite Place In IKEA ‘The Bargain Corner’

#7 My Wife Got My Valet And It Is Only The Start Of The Month

#8 When Wife Takes The Responsibility To Finish The Savings In A Day

#13 Went To Grab A Sandwich And When Returned Found Dad Snoring

#20 I’m Done With My Bit But She Needs Another Hour To Get Everything She Wants

#21 That’s What My Dad Does When He’s Done With His Shopping

#23 I Keep Two Things Happy, Particularly All My Wives And 2nd Is My Belly

#25 Saw Them At The Same Place When I Entered And When I Was Leaving Found Them Sound Asleep

#29 When You Don’t Want The World To Know Who You Came With

#30 Darling I’m Waiting Outside, I’m Right Beside A Sleepy Guy

#31 Came Along With My Dogs Just In Case Need To Find Where She’s Lost In The Mall

#35 Open Invitation For All Kind Of Bugs Looking For A Place To Hide

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