30+ Funny Cats Come In All Shapes And Sizes

As liquid can fit anywhere, cats can fit anywhere in any shape they want despite having a chubby and fluffy body. Our kitty friends get ready to be amused by the ‘funny cats in liquid form’ list, that Swishtoday created specially for you.

#3 I Saw This White Candy Floss With Two Pretty Eyes On It At My Friend’s Place

#10 This Weird Looking Thing Is My Friend’s Cat Climbed Into A Plastic Pot

#16 What You Looking At? I’m Only Pretending To Sticking To The Ground

#17 What They Say, “There’s More Than One Way To Debone A Cat.”

#18 A Liquid Has No Fixed Shape Therefore It Takes The Shape Of Any Container

#34 Don’t Confuse Me With Your Baby’s Food, You Understand?

#35 And Then Suddenly Two Cat Ears And Flashing Eyes Appeared On The Top Of My Drink

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