30+ Fun Flashback Of What You Had As A 90s Kid Compared To Today

Time flies in a blink of an eye especially when we see things, we had and used back in the 90s. We were the generation who witnessed an era of fun without luxurious toys and high tech gadgets. We had simple stuff around and a lot of time to share with friends and siblings that absolutely provided fun and satisfaction as well. Comparing today’s time with the 90s era make you laugh for a bit but then think of how happy you were without a high tech upgraded world. Children from present time will never understand the snake game a 90s kid played or the cassette that was used to listen to the music in a cassette player. Only people born in the 90s will know the excitement of finding a comic rolled in the bubble gum. Let’s scroll down and see the pictures of full of fun flashback as a 90s kid.

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