30+ Crappy Design Fails That Should Not Have Been Approved

There have been much huge design fails in past. And this time people have achieved a pro level in designing the worst designs ever. You’ll believe after you see the list of rubbish designs that Swishtoday collected from the internet. Who moron would put a door handle at the private of a child? Choice of a font that changes the whole meaning of the word or the worst choice of colour for a bike saddle that made the entire picture look quite dirty due to the blessings of crappy designs. Let’s take a look to get belly laughs!

#3 This Ad For A Shoe Looks Like The Three People Have Hung Themselves

#5 Well Panara, This Pink Ribbon Bagel Design Is Enough To Make Everyone Walk Away!

#9 This Awful Font Choice For The Word ‘Buff’, Hats Off Netflix

#12 The Kinky Way They Get This Sculpture To Hang In The Air

#18 In Light Of Recent Events He May Be Happy That It’s “Only” 14

#24 I’d Bike Away Too If An Inter-dimensional Bus Portal Was Coming After Me

#25 Frequently Bought Together: Camo Golf Balls + White Paint

#26 My University Tried To Raise Awareness For Breast Cancer…

#27 This Carpet Design At A Hotel Looks More Like They’ve Removed The Old Carpet And Haven’t Replaced It Yet

#34 $1 Million San Francisco Loft Has Diagonal Support Beam That Cuts Through The Middle Of The Kitchen

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