30+ Adorable Animals In Tiny Casts Will Melt Your Heart

No doubt wearing a cast can be a little tricky as it makes showering difficult and makes scratching an itch impossible. But that little inconvenience worths a lot when the result is out leaving the injuring vanish like it didn’t happen. There’s something adorable about a baby hedgehog, tinny fox, cute bunny and a little kitten in a cast. Despite the fact they are going through tough time, these little guys have the cutest expressions wearing miniature casts. We understand the suffering and completely sympathise with them and you’ll agree as well with a fact they look even more captivating than usual. Swishtoday compiled a list of small animals who went through bad time and getting treatment wearing the tiny casts. Seeing them will give you that ‘Aww feeling’..

#5 Premature Donkey Baby Getting His Legs Straightened With Casts

#8 Baby Squirrel Getting Treatment After He Fell Out Of A Tree

#10 Day 1 When My Pup Broke His Legs And Got Casts Now He’s Climbing Stairs

#11 Tommy Got This Tiger Cast After He Jumped From Third Floor

#18 Had To Put Cone Of Sham On Because He Took Cast Off Twice

#19 Kevin The Little Kestrel Broke His Little Thin Leg And Now On A Speedy Recovery

#23 She Was Left At The Shelter With Broken Leg By Previous Owner, After The Treatment Feeling Much Better Now

#32 Baby Owl With Tiny Bandage After A Fall From Tree In Bucks

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