25+ When This Happens Moments Pics Will Make You Say Sorry Dude

Beside good moments bad moments are also part of our life. If the start of your day was good does not mean it will end well too. Suddenly a devastating incident comes across your way and the rest of the day have become the worst. 

People share their “when this happens” juncture on the internet and you will say instantly “Oh s**t” or “sorry for this dude”. These pictures have such disastrous times when the day was really bad for the particular person. Please visit our post now to see images of bad day experiences and here we go: 

#2 The Kansas City Fire Department Had To Rescue The Kansas City Police Department

#4 After A Long 12 Hour Night Shift, I Bought Myself Some Breakfast

#12 This Is What Happens When You Drive Too Fast In A Parking lot While It’s Raining

#14 Three Trees Fell On My Mailman Last Weekend No One Was Hurt

#22 I Have A Cage Permanently Holding My Tongue Back For The Next Year

#24 Someone Just Stole A Single Wheel Off My Car And left Behind An Old Tire

#27 Highlighters In Bag + Buckets Of Rain = Lots Of Ruined Papers

#28 Friend Of Mine Drove Away With Her Phone On Top Of Her Car And It Got Ran Over Just A Few Times

#30 My Girlfriend Is On A Work Trip So I Had To Handle Dinner Myself Tonight, Safe To Say That The Totality Of My Incompetence Is Astonishing

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