25+ Utmost Pictures Of Power Of The Wind

Mother nature is the strongest and unbeatable when nature picks power on its own. Wind can be much more different than most people would expect. When it’s a windy day people usually tend to avoid hanging out but some have not and gone through funniest experience ever. We made a list of pictures at Swishtoday  making you aware how crazy wind didn’t even spare celebrities and have been really nasty in some cases. Windblown skirts and dresses are the utmost examples of wind humour right now crazily going viral.

These 25+ windy day photos perfectly illustrate that the wind itself can have a wicked sense of humour. Enjoy the list!

#3 Pope Francis Struggles With His Windblown Garments.. Looks Scary Though

#6 Pamela Anderson Getting Whacked In The Face By Her Own Hair

#8 Elizabeth Olsen! The Wind Doesn’t Care If You’re Famous

#10 Looks Like Someone Dusted Under The Carpet And Didn’t Spread It Back

#12 Peering Through The Wall To See How The Interior Looks Like

#18 Another Pop Gonna Fly And The Wind Is As Naughty As It Could Be

#25 Chocolate Fountain Gone Wrong After A Strong Gust Attack

#26 My Trampoline Teamed Up With Wind Last Night But Poor Guy Couldn’t Make It Through

#27 Fluffy Puppies Trying To Grab A Hold On The Grass So They Don’t Blow Away With The Wind

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