25+ Super Funny Memes For Fitness Freaks

The most hilarious stuff that Swishtoday ever collected on fitness freaks, especially girls who actually know what these memes are about and can very easily relate each scenario with thier everyday life, will make you laugh hard. Every one knows dieting isn’t an easy thing to do so these funny jokes on diet control will support girls who want to achieve thier fitness goals and finding it really hard to say no to thier favourite food.

#1 As soon as I say I’m going on diet, I suddenly become a cravings monster…

#10 If there was one meal you could eat everyday for the rest of your life, what would it be???

#11 Legit cannot work out at home if my doggo is on the loose. Anyone else relate!??

#13 Unfortunately I have never had the discipline to be number 2

#15 Do you ever get sneaky though and give someone a smaller piece than they traded you for!? ?

#17 You can pretty much work for everything else on your body right!?

#19 What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen in a locker room!?

#21 The week vs. the weekend: diet edition. It’s called balance…right!?

#23 DO NOT live to please others if you aren’t happy with yourself first!

#25 It sure feels nice when someone else notices how hard you’ve been busting your butt off!!!

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