25 ROFL Responses Of Siri Are Burning With Irony

Whether you’re an Apple software user or not, you’ve probably heard of Siri. The voice-activated virtual ‘assistant’. It is a necessary commodity and in demand since 2010. Though it has grown with time a lot, it’s in great use now. It started to provide general information and has evolved with human traits. In a way, it learned sarcasm and notable humour. 

People ask dumbest questions from Siri to kill boredom away. And Siri’s answers are extremely hilarious. In fact Siri, now know how to deal with dumb people. The compilation by Swishtoday of 25 ROFL responses of Siri is burning with irony.

Wanna see how stupid and hilarious Siri is? Just follow me and read below for more hilarious and weird Siri responses. 

#18 GF decided to show me this “awesome thing Siri can do!”

#20 Seriously Siri…I just needed some help deciding and you give me this bs…

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