25+ Crazy Pictures That Are Asking For Acute Explanation

The fun is where things make sense at least a little. Thinking of silliness and seeing of craziness are two different things.

Swishtoday found insanely questionalble photos that will make you cringe a little or maybe a bit further than that. Take a look to see how some people are surviving on the face of the earth with such bold craziness.

#2 Guys Glow As Much As You Want They Can’t Do Nothing From There

#3 Finally They Found Nurturing Zone Or It’s Too Damp In Here To Help Grow Such A Thing?

#6 This Buss Driver Can’t Spare A single Moment Without His Doll

#14 Man Surprised His Wife On Christmas With This. Guess How His Wife Reacted?

#17 Only A Pot Down And kid’s Play Area Serves As A Luxurious Jacuzzi Bath

#20 The Use Of Pink Festival Hats. Creativity Or Stack Of Craziness?

#21 Work Of Unpaid Labor Or Promoting Puzzling Mirror Design?

#23 Ingenious Idea To Entertain Yourself Or An Arrangement To Meet An Unfortunate Event You Haven’t Planned For?

#24 My Rules My Way On The Highway, Don’t Trust This Driver Anyway

#26 This Guy Printed Checkbook With His Newly Wed Pics To Write Checks To His Ex. Totally Evil!

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