25+ Funniest Christmas Design Fails Will Make You Laugh Hard

At the time of festive everyone’s in the spirit of joy and happiness. People are trying to get all important things to get done right before holidays begin, like buying Christmas presents and all relevant stuff for the perfect time to come but some designers did thier jobs so wrong that it becomes hard to believe why these people haven’t been fired yet? 

Swishtoday compiled a list of Christmas design fails that is funny and disappointing at the same time, will make you wonder how these designs went through the approval stage in the first place? 

#9 From The Right Angle, This Reindeer’s Hoof Looks Less Than Safe For Work

#18 How Did Nobody Notice This Before They Made Thousands Of Them?

#21 When You Draw Hands On The Mittens, Things Take A Whole New Turn

#22 Accidentally Sent My Son To School With His Newly Bought Ugly Christmas Sweater, Realized This When I Picked Him Up

#23 Can’t Believe Someone Had To Draw This Creepy Design For A Children Book

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