23 Times Starbucks Hilariously Wins For Misspelling Customers Names

The creators of Frappuccino are hilariously gone viral for misspelling names of millions of customers visiting them every day. Starbucks is one of the most favourite running coffee makers around the world. Somehow, the baristas at the coffee shop are failing to write correct spellings of customers names on the cups of hot or cold drinks at the time of order. The name spelling slip-ups on the cups are so spontaneous, it is taking the internet by storm. Starbucks is nearly going to win an award for this skill that currently no one has at such a high rate. Some of the funniest and faultiest spelling errors are listed by Swishtoday, waiting for you to be seen so next time you visit the ‘bucks you might wanna say the alphabets instead of your name!

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