20+ Insanely Hilarious Office Ventures Of Co-Workers

#1 Gummy Bears Are Renamed By An An Er Nurse And Her Coworkers

#3 Thing You Get When You Make An Inquiry From A Colleague While They Are On Vacations

#4 Ingenious Idea To Track If Your Corgi Gets Lost In The Office

#5 I see Cut Out Of My Colleague’s Face When She Talks From A High Cubicle Wall

#10 Found My Coworker Shouting At It, The Reason Is Obvious!

#16 My Coworker Said ‘Someone Slashed Your Car’ I Ran And Found It

#18 When Colleagues Are Asked To Not To Remove Stapler From Specific Floor But It Goes On World Ventures

#20 My Colleague Doesn’t Care What He Puts On To Look Different Everyday

#21 We Left A Surprise For Our Colleague Who Is Attending Citizenship Ceremony Right Now


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