35 Weird products On Amazon you have ever seen

Nowadays online shopping is most popular way of shopping. You can buy anything online. Some products quickly fly off the shelves. But some products leave people in confusion. That what is the purpose behind making them. Including cat wigs, pet pillows and the weirdest one human fat stress reliefer urghh.

Here on swishtoday we bring you 35 weird products on Amazon that you will not find anywhere. Get ready to cringe.

#1 A cat butt tissue holder

This seems like the nicest thing to be plucked from a cat’s rear parts. only $34.94; buy now 

#2 A bacon-scented mustache

Now you can smell bacon all day in peace Just at the cost of $4.07.

#4 1,500 live ladybugsbuy 1,500 crawling, flying somethings for the bargain price of a latte.

buy 1,500 crawlings, flying ladies birds in just $3.05.

#5 A home mushroom farm

Now you can grow your own fungus right at home. only for $22.85

#6 A wall decal of senior citizens in a golf cart

No Painting could replace this decal of senior citizens riding in a golf cart. Get it just in $21.96

#7 A human finger

That’s right: you can buy human fingers on Amazon! only $15.00

#8 A peanut butter and jelly of the month club

For just under $40 a month, you can enjoy gourmet peanut butter and jelly sandwiches delivered straight to your door.

#9 A Godzilla garden gnome

Let those pesky, roving neighborhood gnomes know where they’re not welcome. just in $24.99.

#11 A suture practice kit $45.95

this suture training kit will have you fixing up wounds and repairing hems with ease.

#12 Dill pickle lip balm, $11.95

When you wanted to try something new on your lips then this is the best option.

#14 A baby mop, $29.99

It’s never too early to teach your children about chores, as evidenced by this suit that lets your baby mop the house for you.

#15 Dancing with Cats

Now you can learn how to dance with cats in just $13.22

#16 Roast beef bath soak

Breakfast and bath together now in just $17.95.

#17 A realistic dog pillow

When you can't have real pets then no worries you can have an animated one.  Just in $14.99

#18 A bean-squeezing stress reliever

Nothing quite relieves stress like popping a cute little emoji-faced bean out of a pod. just in $8.99.

#19 A zombie chocolate bunny $45.00

Bunny and zombies well what a combo. 

#20 A dog wig $9.57

Dogs deserve to feel every bit as stylish as their human counterparts. And fortunately, this wig can help them achieve that goal.

#22 A horror movie sound maker

Surprise guests by making them think it is hiding just around the corner.

#23 A pound of replica human fat, $23.73

If you’ve ever needed a means of convincing yourself not to go back for seconds, this rubbery pound of replica fat is sure to do the trick.

#24 A baby gold grill pacifier

When you want your baby look like Lil Wayne.

#25 Surf and turf

For most people, surf and turf is something you might order at an expensive restaurant. For those who prioritize convenience over all things, it’s a completely normal addition to your Amazon cart.

#28 Gardening claws

Now you can garden like the wild beast you are

#29 A hand squirrel

While it’s all well and good to have a variety of puppets at your disposal, few things rival this strangely-realistic hand squirrel.

#30 An angry Juliette Lewis mouse pad

You can show your admiration for Juliette Lewis with this tasteful mousepad.

#31 A Lincoln Memorial pillow

For some people, simply remembering your eighth grade trip to Washington D.C. isn’t enough—and for those people, there’s this pillow.

#33 A bloody bath mat

Perfect for thrill and mystery lovers.

#34 The WineRack Bra

Drinks at bars and clubs can be downright expensive, but not for the owners of the WineRack, a sports bra that holds a full bottle of wine in it.

#35 An inflatable cat horn

You probably already think your cat is quite the unicorn, but you can easily make it official with this accessory that definitely won’t get you clawed to oblivion.

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