20 Reasons Why Relationship Of Harry And Cho Did Not Work

You must be wondering why the relationship between Harry and Cho did not work? Firstly, we all know Harry Potter is not just about Wizardry. Some relationships built up in the series make it romantic as well.

As Ron and Hermione, there are other interesting relations we have no clues why they didn’t go forward further.

So Swishtoday brings an interesting couple of the Harry Potter series here. And that is Harry Potter and Cho Chang. Moreover, we are talking about Harry and Cho’s weird relation. There are some awkward facts about this relationship failure. In fact, we should read why their relationship failed. Indeed some things are quite clear and obvious. And will definitely make you understand about them. As you’ve read in the novel as well. The main thing is they had very low chemistry. Secondly, Cho always wanted someone like Cedric and Harry was totally a different personality. Hence this interesting duo of Cho and Harry relationship has many valid reasons behind the failure. This post will clear all confusions. See 20 reasons that will explain why the relationship of Harry And Cho did not work. Start scrolling to continue reading. Cheers!

An extra treat for potter heads is dazzling Harry Potter Facts!

#1 Harry Was Not Thoughtful Of Cho’s Feelings Though He Tried His Best

#6 Harry And Cho Couldn’t Be A Good Boy Friend And Girl Friend

#9 Cho Wanted Someone Like Cedric But Harry Was Not Like Him

#14 Cho Was More Honest With Her Friend Who Sold Out Dumbledore’s Army

#15 Cho Wanted A Closure For The Relationship And For Cedric’s Passing

#16 Harry Found It Very Difficult To Talk About Cedric, So Traumatized Harry Didn’t Talk About Him

#18 Poor Harry Was Going Through Enough During His 5th Year In Hogwarts, So He Was Not Ready For This Relationship

#19 Cho Was Not In The Right Frame Of Mind To Enter Into A Relationship With Anyone

#20 Cho Was Still Not Over Cedric And Tried To Use Poor Harry To Get Over Him

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