30 Bizarre Facts About Foreign Loo

Check out most bizarre facts about foreign loo. In fact, using public toilets is not someone’s first choice. But when you are in an emergency, you have no choice. Rather than ignoring, using public toilets in dire need is wise. Because it gives pain and makes sick. But when you use one, you should know the consequences. Moreover, remind yourself that things could be worse. Much worse!

Here are Bizarre Facts About Foreign Loo that will leave you in cringe. These weird and WTF facts about around the world will shock you.

#1 If you’re a man or woman, don’t be surprised if, while you’re in South Korea, a woman comes in to start cleaning. It’s standard.

#3 outdoor toilets in Paris were considered art installations.

#4 this kind of Japanese toilet. Can you guess which way is right?

#7 Rural China’s primitive toilets are all unisex and often feature nothing more than a hole in the ground.

#8 Russian restrooms, for whatever reason, often have toilets that face the wrong way or are made from mismatched parts.

#9 In Scotland, it’s acceptable to knock on a house’s door and ask to use their restroom.

#10 When in Spain, don’t pee in the bidets, which are pretty frequent around the country.

#11 In Antarctica, all your waste goes right into the ocean. They just don’t have infrastructure there…yet.

#12 Irish people are REALLY public bathroom-phobic. 76% won’t touch the seat in any way and 62% flat-out refuse to use them.

#13 Brazil has terrible plumbing that may require multiple flushes. And they have leather toilet seats, which is gross.

#14 Yup, snakes really do pop up in Australian toilets, so be careful.

#15 53% of the Indian population doesn’t have access to a toilet.

#16 New Zealand’s public toilets also double as art and are made from recycled materials.

#17 In Egypt, you’ve gotta buy your toilet paper, and if you’re out of money, you’re out of luck.

#18 Laos is so sparsely populated that you might need to carry toilet paper with you your entire trip.

#19 This is what a toilet looks like in a Ukrainian orphanage.

#20 Malawi is just now introducing private bathrooms, and this is what they look like.

#22 These are the portable toilets used in Belgium for festivals. Very public!

#23 Peeing in the street is a totally normal thing to do in Peru, for women and men.

#24 Toilet paper in Chile gets stolen so much that it’s almost never available – bring your own.

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