20 People Who Got The Most WTF Job Titles Ever

20 people who got these most WTF job titles deserve a medal. No doubt, our society is experiencing craziest job titles ever. Moreover, new titles are popping out every day. And they are extremely ridiculous than you can imagine.

For instance, who wants to be called Milf Commander? No one! But seriously why they need a Head of Potatoes? And look at Bride kidnapping expert too, ROFL! Sometimes job titles look like nothing but a joke. Honestly, if somebody is looking for stuff to have a good laugh at, will find them hilarious. These silly titles are actually a source of fun.

This is certainly the case of hilarious job titles. Therefore, Swishtoday decided to feature the funniest designations that are so funny. Click ahead to view 20 people who got most WTF job titles ever. 

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