See How Celebs Looked Like Before They Discovered That Lip Kits Were A Thing

The most loved number one trend by celebs that is a little touch of lip enhancement with fillers, lip kits or liner. Celebrities have multiplied by ten zillions per cent within the past decade to get thier lips done as one of the beauty essential. Kylie Jenner who set the bar higher for her juicy lips made the showbiz world go wild on the pout size. Instagram is equally responsible for letting the trend go viral and make a thing out of it in people’s lives.

But try to remember those faces you had in your favourite list, you will be shocked to see them now how they have transformed thier looks just by enhancing thier lips with fillers. Here’s a list of famous faces who you’ll look twice at to recognise them. I took 2 minutes to know if it’s Charlotte Crosby or not!

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