OMG Why GOT Stars In Real Life Look Hysterically Weird

OMG! Why Game of Thrones stars in real life hysterically look weird? First of all, most of the cast appeared first time in the show. Secondly, characters are engraved deeply in the minds of fans. Furthermore, each role literately grew older in eight years. Indeed, they worked really hard to prove themselves. For instance, Arya Stark went through a lot to overcome her fears and be brave. Similarly, Sansa who evolved through a painful journey.

Thus the cast has a significant impression on fandom. Therefore, the end of the show didn’t make a huge difference. In other words, the story is still fresh as well as the characters. That’s why Game of Thrones stars spotted in real life seems a little hysterically weird to us. For this purpose, Swishtoday pilled up real-life photos of the crew. The collection will surely put a smile on your face. Take a look!

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