Life Changing Hair Transformations Of 20 Celebrities

#1 Gabrielle Union got huge hair but has trimmed it down to a straighter, shorter cut

#2 Tyra Banks has black, natural hair but sports all kinds of hairstyles

#3 Ariana Grande made the high ponytail look popular and is rarely seen wearing her natural curls

#4 Meghan Markle is almost never seen with her naturally curly hair as she always has her hair styled straight

#5 Jennifer Aniston is known for her gorgeous highlights but her actual hair color is brown

#6 Katy Perry is a brunette who was once known for her jet-black hair but now rocks a pixie blonde look

#7 Angela Simmons has natural, black curls but likes to support a dyed, straighter look

#8 Lindsay Lohan has gone back to having red hair but for a long time, she maintained a blonde look

#9 Kate Hudson’s short, brown hair was a surprise because she’s more known to have beach blonde hair

#10 Emma Stone admits that she feels more comfortable as a redhead even though she was born a blonde

#11 Zendaya is not afraid to try hairstyles of any kind but her actual hair is just as wonderful

#12 Although Gillian Anderson is a brunette, who could forget her red hair in The X-Files?

#13 Viola Davis looks good with her natural hair along with the more done-up look

#14 It’s hard to imagine Gwen Stefani without her platinum blonde, straight hair but she is actually a brunette

#15 Sanaa Lathan’s real hair is bouncy on its own but she sometimes wears different kinds of curls

#16 Kerry Washington has big, curly hair but is often seen with straightened hair

#17 Nicole Kidman is a redhead with curls but prefers to maintain platinum blonde, straight hair

#18 Oprah Winfrey wears her natural hair proudly but sometimes she styles her hair differently too

#19 Taraji P. Henson has wild, healthy hair but often tames her mane for the screen

#20 Zooey Deschanel is a blonde but feels more herself as a brunette

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