Kims WTF Pics Kanye Doesnt Want You To See

Kim Kardashian’s most WTF moments Kanye doesn’t want you to see. Here is why; She is the most controversial women. She remains in the eyes of the public 24/7. Kanye West clearly adores his wife. But he wouldn’t want all of her pics to be viewed by fans. Some of her pictures are too funny. And some are extra revealing. It is very hard to keep our eyes off. In addition, no celebrity is ever safe from being criticised. And Kim is one of them. 

Kim’s most embarrassing moments have gone viral already. In fact, they are hilarious too. The internet provides us with 20 Kim’s WTF pics Kanye doesn’t want you to see. Click ahead to see her funny pictures that can’t be unseen.

#1 Scary hair

This picture is a perfect example of a hair disaster. Or maybe her hair stylist took a day off. She looks far more stunning in her natural hair color. 

#2 Not so perfect thighs

Most of the times Kim's dressing is too much revealing, that shows her in a way she’d probably not find to be her most flattering. Most probably a "wardrobe malfunction'

Obviously, Kanye loves her. So he doesn’t want the world to see her flows 

#3 Too much to show with elephant

Kim loves to show off her body. But this pic does not look appropriate from any angle.

Kanye may like animals, but surely not in this pose.

#4 Which one is better?

Kim looks stunning Always. But some times she puts to much makeup. It seems like there are two different persons. 

#5 Old Kim before she met Kanye

Kim was not so really stunning, glamorous and stylish as she looks today. But after she hooks up with Kanye she seems like a different girl. 

#6 Why so sad Kim?

Kim seems not so happy all the time. No one knows what is the reason behind. 

Of course, Kyne doesn't want her girl to be sad. So this photo must make him lose his cool.

#7 Which one is real Kim?

No one can say, that there is one person in this picture. she looks completely a different person.  Are these makeup effects or something else? Who knows 

But we are pretty much sure that Kanye loves her new look most.

#8 Not as happy as her sister

In this picture, she is with her older sister Kourtney. Kourtney seems happy and smiling. But Kim seems somber.

These types of pics Show that she is not as much thrilled as her other siblings. Kanye does not want the world to think his wife is a bore.

#9 Romance With RAY J

Which husband wants to even think about it?

#13 Awkward dance

This dance move is not so stunning. She looks awkward and embarrassing, something Kanye must think is a dancing disaster. Maybe leaves him disappointed.

#14 Old fashioned hair styles

Her old fashioned hairstyles are so hard to look away. Kanye would only wish we would. Now she improves a lot. But still, she needs a new hair stylist. 

#15 In between makeup picture

These incomplete pictures are not so appealing. It shows that good deal of efforts to get her to look on point. But Kim doesn’t mind if we see the process, but Kanye might not want her makeup secrets revealed.

#16 Kris and Kim

In this old picture, both look happy. But with time as their appearances become better, their bond does not seem so strong now.

#17 Wired dress selections

Kims looks so stunning in every dress.  But some times some looks are little too much to absorb.

#19 Always stood by her

We all know Kanye loves Kim so much, Even in the awkward situations, Kanye stood by her no matter what

#20 Hilarious exercise

Kims wants to be in perfect shape all the time. But Some of her workouts are to hilarious 

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