Harry Potter: Unleashed 30 Behind The Scenes Secrets

This is to tug the heartstrings in case the nostalgia hadn’t kicked in. It’s always a pleasure to find out the secrets of your favourite movie. As long as you’re prepared to lose some of that magic. Looking whats happening might change the way you think of your fav characters too. All spellbound fandom crazily awaits for Harry Potter stuff. No matter it blazes through the mind or put the karma in place. Every little detail is worth it in the Harry Potter series. 

So Swishtoday decided to unleash behind the scenes secrets for die heart fans. The wizardly scenes aren’t as magical as you think, but you never know what pulls the right string out. Time to refresh your memories. Hop on the train from platform 9 3/4 for a splendid journey to Hogwarts. Just kidding! Click ahead to see what we are talking about!

#5 Dumbledore giving his best advice to the guy who just got his nose back

#7 Voldemort speaking of evil ideas he got in his head with Dumbledore

#15 Whatever is going on with everyone I don’t care because I am who I am! Lol

#17 Harry, Ron and Hermione listening to the brief carefully

#20 Ron, Harry and Hermione pretending to have a sound sleep

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