Celebs You Will Not Believe Are Egomaniac

Having self-confidence is a good thing. But self-confidence goes further a little a lot in showbiz. To tell the truth, celebs you won’t believe are an egomaniac. Just as, Scarlett Johansson told the Daily Mail in 2013 “I am an actor and all actors think that they are The One.” Further, she added, “It’s part of our huge egos and makes us so successful in some areas of our lives and not in others.” Although Johansson’s words expression is the hint of something, she got an extra talent we aren’t aware of: Many Hollywood actors possess levels of arrogance that border on the pathological, and examples are never too small to ignore.

Therefore, Swishtoday nominates for Hollywood’s most arrogant celebrities. Is it humbling, no? Click ahead to view the list of celebs you will not believe are an egomaniac.

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