30 Marvel Actors Behind Beyond Recognition Masks

Have you ever imagined how Marvel actors look like behind beyond recognition masks? Firstly, most famous heroes and villains featured in Marvel comics became extremely popular. Furthermore, the Avengers franchise has beaten all possible box office records too. And that conquered millions of hearts all over the world. We are might not aware that our favourite actors spend hours to have their makeover done. And after great effort to change beyond recognition, they turn into an amazing movie character.

In today’s time, it’s hard to wait to watch Marvel release. Especially, when sequels of greatest hits of Marvel films launch the box office. Indeed, fans after watching the movie stay curious to know about characters behind the masks. Whether its a hero or a villain, curiosity remains there.

Therefore, Swishtoday brings you a list of photos of Marvel actors behind beyond recognition masks. You will see pictures from social media profiles of the stars. That will help you figure out what our favourite actors look like without makeup and visual effects. As well as with makeover and complete disguise.

#12 Johann Schmidt, Red Skull — Hugo Weaving, Ross Marquand

#20 Mystique — Rebecca Romijn transforming woman-mutant who has yellow eyes and blue skin first appeared in the first 3 X-Men movies

#21 Erik Killmonger — Michael B. Jordan The supervillain first appeared in the Marvel Universe in Black Panther.

#22 Hela — Cate Blanchett The ruthless villain from Thor: Ragnarok

#23 Ebony Maw — Tom Vaughan-Lawlor is one of Thanos’ children who helps Thanos to find the Infinity Stones in Avengers: Infinity War

#25 Crossbones — Frank Grillo appeared in Captain America: Civil War, its sequel, and the last Avengers

#26 The Abomination — Tim Roth is one of the most famous enemies of Hulk

#27 Kaecilius — Mads Mikkelsen played the main villain Kaecilius who fought against Benedict Cumberbatch’s character in Doctor Strange

#28 Malekith the Accursed — Christopher Eccleston appeared in Thor: The Dark World

#29 Korath — Djimon Hounsou appeared on the screen in Guardians of the Galaxy

#30 Proxima Midnight — Carrie Coon first appeared in the Marvel Universe in the film Avengers: Infinity War

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