30 Celebrities Posing While Eating Things

See 30 celebrities posing while eating things. Look at how their expression changes while eating food.

In instance celebrities posing while eating is incredible. Like some eat delicately whereas some eat opening mouth real wide. Although seems interesting when you look at your favorite personality eating crazily. Further Swishtoday found these photos from an Instagram page. Who gave even good and marks to these celebs for their eating style. For example, they gave Hugh Jackman 9.5/10. Because  Hugh is making great eye contact with apple. Also, very good form on hold and efficient evenly distributed bites. Extra points for leaving a water bottle in the pocket for full apple dedication!

So other actors also gain good numbers but some score bad. Therefore its a good idea to celebs eating and munching. Just scroll over to check them out. Images are here:

Credit: Instagram

#2 Cara Delevingne Gently Placing A French Fry Through Her Lips

#3 Hugh Jackman Eating An Apple On The Fly

#4 Robert Downey Jr. Biting Into A Rolled Up Bite Of Spaghetti

#5 Emma Watson Getting Ready To Ring In The New Year While Giggling With Her Cupcake

#6 Justin Bieber Looking Miserable With A Bite Of A Subway Sandwich Lingering In His Cheek

#11 Adam Brody Attempting The ‘Sandwich And Flirt’ On The Go

#16 Jim Carey Getting His Tongue Ready For A Beautiful Bite Of Truffle Spaghetti

#19 Chrissy Teigen Not Able To Handle The Pressure Of Eating A Powdered Dessert

#20 Bill Clinton Eating An Extra Onioned Up Hot Dog

#21 Obama Attempting To Eat His Ice Cream While Only Using His Tongue

#28 Kourtney (Maybe Kim) Kardashian Opening Real Wide For A Crunchy Bite Of Lettuce

#30 Andrew Garfield Attempting To Swallow His Ice Cream Cone

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