25 Hilarious Close Ups Of Celebs Are Damn Expressive

Celebrities are a symbol of glamour and beauty. But in real life, they really are just like us. No one is perfect not even celebs. When you look at celebs closely you can see they aren’t the perfect images you see in magazines. An Instagram page Celebrities close-up shows images of celebs close Up Without Makeup.  Bad skin, bad plastic surgery, nose hair, stuff in between their teeth. Also Celebrity funny faces too. Here 25 ROFL images for you. Look at How Funny and kinda Ugly Close Up photos of your favorite celebs are.

#17 When your the only one who got ‘D’ grade in the class

musicians replaced with meow

Musicians Are Hilariously Replaced With Meow

tattoo fails

Most Embarrassing Tattoo Fails Celebrities Ever Had