25 Celebrities With Physical Deformities

These 25 celebrities with physical deformities are highly inspirational for the world. No doubt they are perfectly imperfect. From the big screen to magazines, celebrities are presented with the perfect bodies. Moreover, expectations are higher either it’s their perfect life or work. But we all know that no one is perfect. We all have our difference. No matter how noticeable they are.

Most surprisingly stars are not afraid to openly discuss about their deformities. The great thing you’ll find in the article is the majority of the stars have embraced their uniqueness.

Furthermore, a lot of your favourite stars been marked with imperfections. Either at birth or somewhere along their years of childhood.

So we will take a closer look at those celebs with utterly uniquness. Just click ahead to see 25 celebrities with physical deformities.

#1 Joaquin Phoenix

His microform cleft lip left him a great opportunity in the movie “Gladiator”.

#2 Daryl Hannah

Her deformity is due to a childhood accident when she was playing with the pulley of her grandmother’s well and her finger, unfortunately, got stuck. 

#3 Gerard Butler

The Scottish lawyer who turned into an actor later didn’t realise that he had one ear sticking out more than the other until he had to shave his head for the movie ‘Tomb Raider

#4 Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis was born with a condition known as heterochromia of the eye or heterochromia iridum. This particular condition is the result of excess or the lack of pigmentation in the pupil causing two different eye colors.

#5 Lily Allen

the famous British singer and songwriter has recently shown her three nipples on a dutch Tv show. Everyone was surprised but after all who cares if her music is still good

#6 Karolina Kurkova

For the untrained eye it is hard to notice but if you look again you will see she doesn’t have a belly button. That doesn’t stop her from her career, though

#7 Carrie Underwood

The current country music leader who won the American idol and a grammy award as well revealed that she had a third nipple too. As opposed to Lily she had it surgically removed

#8 Joanna Krupa

Joana being the third person on this list with a third nipple I am getting more and convinced that this is actually a motivation for some people

#9 Kesha

The singer always has something new to surprise her audience. Apart from her strange habit of drinking her urine she has also admitted that she was born with a little tail but doctors chopped it off from her back

#10 Gemma Arterton

She was born with the condition of polydactyly that simply means she had 6 fingers on both of her hands that were removed when she was still a baby

#11 Megan Fox

You might notice in the picture if you look closely that her thumb just doesn’t look usual.

#12 Jennifer Garner

Another long word with ‘B’ brachymetatarsia the condition is the result of one of the bones of the foot being too short

#13 Vince Vaughn

His deformity was due to a car accident in which he lost the tip of his thumb. Thanks to this, he had to give up his water polo career and got into acting.

#14 Kate Bosworth

People say that the eye is the mirror of your soul. What kind of soul does she have then?

#15 Sanaa Lathan

Just like many other sexy famous people Sanaa was born with a little defection of her thumb. She is still hot enough so it doesn’t even matter, does it?

#16 Tilda Swinton

 her unique style and appearance, surprised or not she has a third nipple as well. She is proud of it and if was asked she would never deny it.

#17 Ashton Kutcher

you can see in the picture it means that his toes are webbed together. It is a quite rare condition with only 1 in 2500 children being born with

#18 Tina Fey

She was involved in a strange incident when she was playing in the front yard as a young little girl. A stranger slashed her face randomly leaving her with a scar under her mouth

#19 Denzel Washington

Denzel who is the dream of many women has a strange deformity as well. When he was a child he broke his pinky finger during a friendly basketball game

#20 Harry Styles

 he is the one with the most nipples on this list. He reportedly has four of them but fortunately they can be confused for moles as they are not developed enough.

#21 Seal

Probably his scars are the most visible so far. The disease began with immune cells attack and resulted in what we can see

#22 Elizabeth Taylor

Ladies who read this which one of you wouldn’t want a double layer of eyelashes like she has. 

#23 Stephen Colbert

Colbert lost his hearing after he had an operation on his right ear.

#24 Andy Garcia

Many of us didn’t know that the godfather had a conjoined twin attached to his shoulder who was removed after his birth.

#25 Padma Lakshmi

When she was 14 she suffered a car accident that left her with a 7-inch long scar on her right are.

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