20 Celebs Misplaced Something Important In Their Nose

Celebrities are admired for their good looks, praised for the roles and immaculate perfections. But being perfect all the time isn’t possible, even for celebs. Right? Imperfections can happen at any time. So whenever famouse people do something awkward they get caught by a camera. Recently, photos of celebs picking thier nose are gone viral. And honestly, they are hilarious. As you see Ashley Tisdale couldn’t help but itch her nose while on the set. This just shows that even Disney stars get the urge to pick away. Just as, Jonh Travolta while clearing out his nose seems to be searching for inspiration for his next role. That is just not attractive, no matter how big a star they are.

See 20 Celebrities seem to have misplaced something rather important, in their nose. And they were not missed by the camera, at all. And you’ve got to admit, this is pretty entertaining. Click ahead and view the list of celebs caught digging for gold

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