10 Untold Facts About Maisie Williams

The British Actress we all know is famous for playing Arya Stark on hit series GOT. This role has changed her life. Obviously, she has grown up with GOT character. Above all, she told that GOT audition clashed with a field trip to a pig farm. Surprisingly she left that trip and this is how the epic character came into being. 

She was very young when Game of Thrones got fame. So being young few things were hard to handle. Swishtoday gathers such untold things about Maisie you never knew before. See quite interesting truths about her. Scroll down and enjoy!

#3 There Was No Body Double In The Sex Scene Of Arya And Dempsie

#8 Her Favorite Kill On GOT Was The Killing Of Sadistic Child Abuser Meryn Trant

#9 Williams And Turner’s Scenes Were Difficult While Filming

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