25 Hilarious Prank Ideas You Can Do Anytime

Check these 25 hilarious prank ideas you can do anytime. In fact, there is nothing more enjoyable than pranking others. And fun is when it’s successful too. Life got many serious matters to solve. So don’t waste your time on thinking hard. You are not gonna turn up a scientist. Make things more fun with the funniest pranks in everyday life. No matter who they are. They can be your co-workers, classmates, family or friends. After that the look you see on their face, makes every minute spent planning worth it. Maybe it is not good for wasting stuff, but let’s put it aside.

Sometimes just imagining of a prank can give you the idea of victim’s reaction.

So today we bring you 25 hilarious prank ideas that you can do anytime. But prepare yourself because you can be pranked too.ROFL!

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