Rob Continues To Hilariously Photoshop Himself Into Celebrity Pictures

Average Rob continues to hilariously Photoshop himself into the celebrity pictures. His dream to hang out with celebrities have come true. Obviously, he’s got too much time on his hands. He injected himself into celebrity pictures that Swishtoday shared previously. The genius man continuous to photobombing the crap out of them.

Scroll down to see his new funniest adventures in this article. Rob’s work is making the world love his creativity. He has a special sense of humour that’s adored by millions on his Instagram page.

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#2 My brothers kicked me out of the band when we were young,

#3 I announce our new hitsingle coming up in a couple of days

#4 when the pizza delivery guy is already 30sec late and you realise you’re probably going to starve to death

#5 Hey Kanye, could you please stop running around giggling like a little girl.

#6 Eminem held me captive in his pigeon cage after I told him his mom’s spaghetti was a little bit undercooked.

#7 This is what a bromance between a giant and a midget looks like.

#12 Throwback to when I called shotgun but Britney wasn’t having it..

#13 Dear Mr. President, would you kindly stop your path to self-destruction? You’re putting us all at risk… Sincerely, the rest of the world.

#14 Had the weirdest dream last night: Ryan Reynolds was my dad and Blake Lively changed my diapers… twice. Not sure if awkward or lifegoals.

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